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Introduction to masters

  • Duration: 03:03
  • Level: intermediate
  • Axure Version: 7.0+
  • Date: Jun 26, 2015


When you create wireframes, you are often in the situation where you have to use the same element over and over, on all your pages. A header for instance, or a footer.

Here is a project I'm working on. I created a bunch of pages and now I'd like to add a footer to it. So I create it… here we go. And I want to put this footer on the other pages too. My natural instinct is to select everything, then copy and go to every other page of my project and paste it. It's beautiful isn't it? The next day, I realize that I just forgot one tiny detail in the footer. So what do I have to do now? I have to go through every single page and change the same detail over and over. There HAS to be another way, because this is really not efficient.

Let me introduce you to the masters.

To demonstrate how good masters are, let's recreate our footer in a master. Add a new master by clicking on the Plus button. Double click on it. And let's create the footer. For the sake of this video, I'll skip the creation process a little bit and show you a finalized footer. Here we go. Ahhh the magic of video editing. Anyway.

So we have created this beautiful footer and we want to place it on the different pages now. As always with Axure, they are multiple ways to do it. The first one is simply to go to each page, and drag and drop the master onto it. Notice that a master has a specific background when they are placed on the canvas. The second method is to right click on the master's name and choose Add to pages. This shows a modal window where you can choose to which page you want to add the master to.

Ok, let me show you other tricks. If you double click on a master, you open the master page and you can modify it again. Every change you will make on the master will be instantly reflected on all the pages that use this master.

Masters can also be categorized using folders.

One last thing.

In some cases you would want to place a master at the exact same location, all the time. A header is a perfect use case for that. A header is expected to always be at the same place. There is way to make sure of this with Axure. Right click on the master and select Drop Behaviour → Lock to master location.

Now what this does is the following. With this behaviour, when you place the master on the canvas, the widgets will be positioned as the exact same place as they are defined in the master. Let me show you. If I move the header in the master like this, and if I go to the page where it is placed, see how the header has moved.

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