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Understanding the sitemap panel

  • Duration: 01:53
  • Level: beginner
  • Axure Version: 7.0+
  • Date: Jun 26, 2015


The Sitemap panel is a central element of your wireframing process. This is where you structure your pages. Two things are of the most critical importance when working on a big project: you have to name your pages very well (so there are easy to find) - and you have to order them properly.

This is exactly what the Sitemap panel helps us to achieve.

With these icons, you can add a page, delete it, group several pages into folders or rearrange them with those arrows. If you happen to know which page you are looking for specifically, you can look for it using this tool.

When you double click on a page, the content of this page loads on the canvas.

You have a bunch of options when you right click on a page. You can add a new page or a new folder… after or before the current page, or create a child page too.

You can rename a page.

You can delete a page - even though I prefer to use the keyboard for that, it's faster in my opinion. Just press the Delete key on your keyboard and you are done.

One of the feature I use the most is the Duplicate option. With it, you can duplicate either a page or an entire folder. Very, very useful. When you duplicate something, don't forget to change the name though.

Finally, we have two options: Diagram type and Generate Flow Diagram. As you can imagine, these two options are about Flow Diagrams. I've made a dedicated video to explain this concept - as it's a bit tricky to apprehend. Feel free to watch it.

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