XCHENBI Propane Melting Furnace Kits, 6kg(13LB) Graphite Crucible, Up to 2372沈, Made ofSteel Barrel, Smelt Metal,with Goggles and High Temperature Gloves


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This propane melting furnace is made ofsteel. The high-quality manufacturing process makes the propane melting furnace more durable. Of course, we have also prepared special heat-resistant gloves and goggles for you. All thoughtful facilities and services are for you to have a better melting experience.

﹞Personalized customization: This propane furnace is exclusively for in the United States. The regulator specifications comply with American standards, and special high-temperature gloves and goggles are included.
﹞Efficiency priority: The propane furnace is equipped with special ceramic fiber materials for heat insulation. The thickness of the ceramic fiber in the cover is 7.5cm, the thickness in the furnace is 2.5cm, and the height is 24cm. The excellent heat insulation effect makes the furnace heating more ly.
﹞Humanized operation: The furnace does not need to be self-assembled, it can be ignited and heated only by connecting with the propane bottle. In addition, both the stove and the lid have symmetrical movable handles for easy lifting.


Before using the propane furnace, please take 5-10 minutes to read our operating instructions to better smelt metal.

  • High standard: Our propane furnace body is made ofsteel barrel, after pure manual electrolysis process. After use, the surface of the melting furnace turns yellow, which is a normal phenomenon. Equipped with high-densitygraphite crucible, high temperature brick and valve regulator suitable for American standard. After many safety tests, customers are informed of the usadetails in the instruction manual.
  • High efficiency: Propane furnace of proper size can make full use of heat, and the temperature in the furnace can reach 1300~C (2372~F) within 15 minutes.
  • Full package: Our propane furnace is equipped with a series of required accessories: furnace*1, crucible*1, tongs*1, ceramic fire plate*1 (only for crucible heated by heat insulation, not in furnace), air intake duct*1, regulating valve*1, PTFE tape *1, instruction manual*1, heat-resistant gloves*1, goggles*1. Bring safety and convenience to your use.
  • Suitable capacity: after several calculations of graphite crucible capacity and the most commonly used volume of furnace, we decided to adopt the most efficient 6kg larvolume. It can melt 13kg gold, 7kg silver, 6kg copper, 5kg iron and 1.8kg aluminum.
  • Suitable for multiple places: 8.3*12.2inch propane furnace is suitable for metal smelting in various places. Metal can be smelted in the yard to make crafts. It is also possible to recover and smelt waste metals in the workshop.

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