Wonderfold X4 Push/Pull 4-Passenger Quad Stroller Wagon, Navy




Go for a stroll with the 4-passenger stroller wagon with removable canopy and 5-point harness. Babies and toddlers alike love strolling around in the wagon, secured in a 5-point harness, and covered by a canopy. The multi-function wagon is travel-friendly and can hold up to 180 pounds. With high face to face seats, this stroller wagon holds up to 4 toddlers and makes it easy to take the entire family on a stroll. The user-friendly design makes it easy to fold and store in seconds. Has 6.5-inch front wheels with bearings installed and 10.5-inch rear wheels with 1-touch foot brake and suspension. This wagon is designed with 2 handles, a telescopic pull handle and an adjustable push handle for easy maneuvering in any scenario. The adjustable push handle can be customized to accommodate different heights and needs. When little ones are in the basket, the push handle makes it easy to keep an eye on them while you’re on the move. Stroll in comfort with the space your little one needs with the 4-passenger stroller wagon in the.


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