Slapfish Skimboards Fiberglass & Carbon Riders up to 200 lbs 48∪ with Traction Deck Grip Kids & Adults 4 Colors


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  • DETAILS: 48§ length; 2§ Nose Rocker; 7/8§ Tail Rocker; average board weight is 3-4 lbs; Rider Weight Limit up to 200 lbs. Height 5∩ 2∪ & up. Professionally installed traction pad included. 20§ arch bar optional.
  • FEATURES: Polished deck, ultra-glide bottom. Perfect sweet spot for long rides and fast motion. The right amount of rocker to avoid getting caught in the lip of the wave, yet not slow you down. Slapfish traction is a closed cell, fully sealed EVA grip secured with 3M waterproof adhesive.
  • DURABILITY: Handcrafted with precision. This Slapfish board is fiberglass. Carbon reinforced at the nose and tail. Double reinforced at the rails. The Poly PVC foam core is supremely light weight, structurally dense, impact/fracture rated beyond the board weight limit and is waterproof. This is NOT a EPS (styrofoam) core which will gas out and delaminate over time. No fear of delamination or separation ever.
  • PERFORMANCE: Sand sliding and wave riding from beginner to experienced. Consciously tapered for balance and support of varied stances. Unlimited skim potential! Light weight. Floaty enough to support a wide range of riders. Performs in all wave conditions from mush to surging swell. Long liners, smooth wave wraps, 360 spins and more.
  • OFFERINGS: First quality boards, and on occasion, factory blems. A blemished board has a minor cosmetic imperfection. Our standards are high so many of these are truly minor flaws.

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