Premium Outboard 2 Stroke Fishing Boat Engine Motor 6 HP


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Premium Outboard 2 Stroke Fishing Boat Engine Motor 6 HP

Speedily propel your boat out in large bodies of water by attaching our powerful outboard motor to your boat. Equipped with a large propeller, our premium boat motor provides you with a quick startup time to help your boat move at full speed within seconds.

Fitted onto the small boat motor is a large gas container that can carry up to 0.6 gallons of fuel in one session. A full tank of fuel is enough to keep the boat engine running for approximately one hour.

Designed with an exhaust port, the small outboard motor remains cool through continuous use. This prevents the outboard boat motor from overheating and breaking down while you*re in the middle of the sea or lake.

Most importantly, the 6hp outboard motor has a simple design, making it extremely easy for both beginner and expert boaters to operate. It also has an ergonomic lever that gives you full control of the direction that your boat goes.


QUICK START?Equipped with a handy starting handle, the 2 stroke outboard motor takes only a few minutes to start up. Not only that, but the small outboard motor can turn off with a single press of a button.

LIGHTWEIGHT?Due to its lightweight design, the 2 stroke boat motor won*t add significant weight to the boat*s overall structure. This way, you*ll be able to load more people into the boat and still move at high speeds.

HEAVY-DUTY?Despite its compact build, the fishing boat motor is capable of transporting a boat filled with up to one or two people with ease. Its powerful motor can perform up to 6,000 rotations per minute for a speedy boat ride.


Technical Parameters
Short shaft: 15.7in

Overall length: 40.9 in
Overall width: 34.3 in
Overall height: 13.1 in
Transom height: 17.3 in

Full throttle operating range: 5000-6000r/min
Maximum output: 4.4KW/6HP
Idling speed (in neutral): 1000㊣100 r/min

Gear positions: Forward-neutral-reverse
Gear ratio: 2.15 (28/13)
Trim and tilt system: Manual tilt

Drive unit
Recommended fuel: Regular Unleaded Gasoline
Integral fuel tank capacity: 0.6 Gal
Recommended engine oil: 2-stroke outboard motor oil
Engine oil type: Genuine or recommended 2str engine oil
Lubrication System: Engine oil mixed gasoline
Engine oil mixing ratio: Fuel 50: Engine oil 1
Gear oil quantity: 6.6 fl.oz

Tightening torque for engine
Spark plug: 25.0Nm(18.4 ft-lb) (2.55 kgf-m)
Engine oil drain bolt: 18.0Nm(13.3 ft-lb) (1.84 kgf-m)


1x Outboard Motor
1x Manual
1x Oil Container
1x Funnel
1x Key
1x Water Pump Impeller
1x Tool Kit
1x Rope

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