Lumberjack Tools PSK5 1/2∪, 3/4∪, 1∪, 1-1/2∪ and 2∪ Pro Kit Tenon Cutter


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The Lumberjack Tools PSK5 Pro Series 5-Size Professional Kit enables you to build your own log furniture, achieving old world craftsmanship with today*s most advanced log cutting technology! The PSK5 kit includes the following cutters:TTR0500; TTR0750; TTR1000; TTR1500; and TTR2000, all of which create a radius shoulder profile.Each tenon cutter is paired with a correspondingly-sized Forstner bit.Also included is a 20-piece plan booklet. The quick stop pin system and in-sight measurement system allow you to cut the tenon to length without having to measure. Features include die cast aluminum body construction; a threaded shank that can be removed for replacement; a durable, powder coated finish; and dual blade technology.Blades can be replaced or re-sharpened.These bits are designed to be used with a 1/2∪ single-speed (450 RPM or less) drill (HD0500 [Milwaukee 1660-6]).All Lumberjack tenon cutters are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.


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