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This is our newest product! The EZ BSF Larva Lab is for growing and harvesting black soldier fly larvae. It easy to set up and use for ongoing success. This is a compost system specifically made for the black soldier fly larvae. It has a 10.5 gallon capacity, 7 gallons of compost area and 3.5 gallons of area for the soldier flies to fly back into the bin to lay more eggs. The crawl out/harvest ramps are 30 degrees making it easy for the pre-pupae larvae to crawl out/self harvest. There is a chute at the top of the ramp with a 3/4 gallon catch bin for the pupae to fall into. There are two access holes on each side of the bin for the flies to reenter to lay their eggs. At the bottom there is a half turn drain spigot to drain the compost leache from the bin without losing any larvae. Slide out lid for easy feeding and moisture control. This system can hold over 200,000 small or 50,000 large larvae. Once the bin is established in the right weather (warm to hot) the flies can naturally continue refilling the bin with larvae. It is made from 100% recycled UV resistant plastic.

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