Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT Mud-Terrain Tire LT265/75R16 10PLY Rated


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The Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT tire is the ultimate off-road tire for serious all-terrain adventures or purely for show on custom Jeeps and lifted trucks. Featuring an aggressive tread pattern and biting side blocks for added traction, this tire is engineered to help you get through the toughest terrain imaginable. The tread itself has wide open voids between the massive central blocks and on the shoulders that allow material to evacuate easily for superior grip. The 3-block pattern provides stability and a ton of bite on rocks, dirt, sand, and mud.The Desert Hawk X-MT also has X-Protection sidewalls that provide protection from damage due to rocks, sticks, or sharp objects. This tire looks great, and is sure to deliver the traction when you need it most.

  • X-Protection sidewalls which enhances it resistance against damaging elements like rock, sticks, and sharp objects
  • Aggressive tread pattern for superior grip performance and maximized traction
  • 3-steps block for enhanced traction in all kinds of terrain and to minimize movement of tread blocks when cornering

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