1800 Big Red Classic ATW Wagon




The Big Red Classic Wagon is a combination of nostalgia, function, and some good old fashioned fun. Whether it pulling your little ones around the neighborhood, or needing something to hull all of their toys, this toy wagon has enough room to meet all of your needs. The Big Red Classic has 50 percent deeper sides than the Classic Red model, for more space all around. Plus, the wagon all-steel body and no-scratch edges can hull up to 200 pounds and provide ultra durability and protection. Moving around with the wagon has never been easier with its all-terrain wheels that can maneuver easily on any surface. This kids’ wagon also features an extra-long foldable handle for convenient pulling and storage. Safety was a major priority when designing this wagon, and that why this red carrier features a controlled turning radius that prevents tipping and maximizing control. Go on an adventure today with the Big Red Classic Wagon.


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