16 Gallon Fuel Caddy, 7.8 L/Min, Portable Gas Storage Tank Container




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Product Description:

16 Gallon Portable Fuel Caddy
This 16-gallon high-capacity PE fuel caddy saves you the hassle of going back and forth to refuel at multiple locations, ideal for gasoline, diesel, and machine oil. This gas caddy features 6-inch rubber wheels and a metal wire hose, which refuels faster and more efficiently!
16 Gallon Large Capacity
With a large 16-gallon capacity, this fuel caddy can store enough fuel for multiple vehicles, saving you the time and effort of going back and forth when refueling at multiple locations and increasing work efficiency for gasoline, diesel, and machine oil!
6-Inch Rubber Wheel
This gas caddy is equipped with 6-inch rubber wheels that can be easily moved to any refueling point. The rubber wheels will not rust, ensuring long-lasting use and providing you with reliable service.
Not Easy to Bend
This gas storage tank is provided with a metal wire hose, which is anti-bending and anti-pulling and has a longer service life, making it more reliable and durable than rubber hoses.
User-Friendly Design
This gas caddy with pump is made of PE material, lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant, which can avoid the damage of direct sunlight to the oil to a certain extent and ensure the quality of the oil.
Wide Application
The portable fuel tank can be easily placed in truck trunks, garages, stores, scrap yards, and tool kits and is ideal for use in cars, motorcycles, boats, lawn mowers, and snow blowers for fast and reliable transfer of liquids.
Ball Valve
This refueling truck is built with a ball valve that protects against leaks and ensures that the refueling process works in a neat and orderly manner.


Item Model Number: JGC16P
Capacity: 16 Gal
Max. Flow: 7.8 L/min(Oil gun is 0.5 m below the tank outlet)
Fuel Type: Diesel,Lubricating Oil,Gasoline
Oil Discharge: Hand Oil Gun
Hose: Φ19 mm (Inside Diameter) x 250 cm
Rubber Wheel: 6 in
Main Material: PE
Fixed Mount: Carbon Steel
Color: Red
Product Weight: 26.68 lbs / 12.1 kg
Product Dimensions: 18.11 x 21.0 x 36.61 in / 460 x 533 x 930 mm

Package Content

1 x PTFE Tape
1 x User Manual


  • 16-Gallon Fuel Tank: The 16-gallon fuel tank capacity is 14% larger, easy to operate, and avoids frequent oil refills. This fuel caddy can be filled with gasoline, diesel, and machine oil, filling more machines at a time and improving working efficiency.
  • 6-Inch Rubber Wheels: Equipped with 6-inch rubber wheels, this gas caddy is durable and suitable for concrete, wood, dirt, and tile, so you can easily move it to different places. Compared with ordinary plastic wheels, rubber wheels have more flexibility and lasts longer.
  • Metal Wire Hose: The gas storage tank adopts an anti-bending metal wire hose, which significantly ensures that it won’t be pulled off in the process of use. Unlike traditional rubber hoses, the metal wire hose will not collapse even after long-term use, making fuel filling convenient and fast.
  • Anti-Leakage Ball Valve: The portable fuel tank is built with a ball valve, which has a strong anti-leakage effect and greatly improves the overall fuel utilization rate, maintains the machine neat, and makes your working environment more secure and comfortable.
  • High-Efficiency Hand Pump: The portable gas tank features the hand-cranking method to deliver fuel, which is faster than the hand-pressure pump and provides a superb delivery efficiency of 4 gal/100 rpm. It is ideal for placing in truck trunks, garages, stores, scrap yards, kits, or sheds and is perfect for cars, motorcycles, boats, lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.


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