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Totalwireframe Manual

A collection of useful guides to help you use Axure and our libraries

Team purchase

Do you want your team to use one of our libraries?

Each Totalwireframe's library is valid for one seat. The table below lists the discounts that will be applied if you buy items for your team. If you are interested, send me an email with the library you want to buy and the number of seats. We'll process the payment with Paypal and the items will be delivered right after.

Number of seats Discount
1-5 5%
5-10 10%
10-15 20%
15+ 30%

Contact us at to order, along with the product you'd like to buy and the number of seats.

Have a question? Do you need help?

I'm always happy to help out with Axure or any other questions you might have. Send me an email during business hours (Eastern-time) and I'll gladly help.