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Totalwireframe Manual

A collection of useful guides to help you use Axure and our libraries

Installation and new project

Loading a library once

To load a custom widget library, choose Load library from the dropdown menu in the Widgets pane toolbar and browse to the .rplib file.


Automatically load a library

You can automatically load libraries each time you start {Axure. Save the .rplib file in the ~/My Documents/My Axure RP Libraries folder on your PC, or ~/Documents/Axure/Libraries on your Mac. {Axure will also attempt to load libraries saved elsewhere if they have been previously loaded.

Starting a new project

On a daily usage, if you want to take full advantage of the new responsive features introduced in Axure Essentials, you need to follow these steps.

You won't be able to use the responsive features if you simply click on Create a new file. The responsive features will not work if you don't follow this guide precisely.

With {Axure, when you use a widget library that uses responsive views, you need to have the exact same viewports and the exact same names in the wireframe as those defined in the original widget library - otherwise, you won't have access to the responsive views for the widget.

There are three ways of starting a new project:

  1. Open the base.rp file that was included in your purchase. This file already contains everything you need to start a new responsive project.
  2. Use the Import from RP File menu option (see instructions below).
  3. Copy the following viewport settings in your own RP file. The size and the names have to be absolutely identical.

Instructions about the viewport settings in Axure

Using responsive libraries on an existing project

It's possible to import a responsive library onto an existing project if you follow the steps below:

  1. Select File > Import from RP file.... A modal window will appear.
  2. Click several times on the next button.
  3. Click on the Next button in the modal

  4. On the Import adaptive views window, click on Import all adaptive views.
  5. Select the Import all adaptive views option

  6. Finally, click on the Skip to End button. You will reach the import summary. Close the window and you should have all the responsive views that you need.
  7. Select the Import all adaptive views option

Have a question? Do you need help?

I'm always happy to help out with Axure or any other questions you might have. Send me an email during business hours (Eastern-time) and I'll gladly help.