Totalwireframe is now free for everyone.

Oh! You are the type of people who browses the web on your mobile. Good, good. Everything works on mobile, including the purchase process.

After 6 years of existence, I've decided to offer my work for free, at least for a while.

The current libraries are not fully Axure 8 compatible, so expect some bugs here and there.

I don't know if I'll upgrade my work to Axure 8 and continue maintaining them. It perhaps does not appear so, but this takes a lot of time.

Moreover, Axure has barely done anything to help and promote third parties sites. Their new site hides even more sites like mine - so how are people supposed to find us easily? Axure has shown no interests in helping us. With the rise of so many competitors for them, they should embrace the community and help others create awesome work for them. They just do the oppposite. Should we talk about the incredible limitations of what libraries can do?

Another huge pain point is the fact that Axure on mac is so damn slow. This was ok for Axure 6 when it was released for Mac 5 years ago. But after 5 years, running Axure on a super beefed Mac pro with 30 Gb of ram does nothing to make it faster. When you use almost similar products like Sketch, I mean, this is unacceptable. Sketch is not interactive, but at least it's a pleasure to use. Axure, as it stands currently, is a pain to use. But we have to keep using it, because this is the standard for the UX community. Which is ironic, isn't it - we create great UX with a product that has a terrible UX.

This just reinforces my gut feeling that we should never, ever, ever build a business on someone else's business. You can make money out of this, but you are at the will of their business.

Have fun with my libraries. If Axure changes its direction, I'll come back and create new libraries. Otherwise, you'll see me using another product. Long live UX.

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Symbol of a quote I'm a big fan of Totalwireframe's libraries. The Facebook toolkit saved me MANY hours of work creating wireframes for various apps. It's totally worth the money!

Marc Steffen User Experience Architect

Symbol of a quote I purchased the Blog templates to help kickstart a project with a tight deadline. The template and included widgets were fantastic. I was able to produce final wireframes for my client in a 1/3rd of the time doing it myself.

Dave Albert GreyGoo Media

Symbol of a quote The library of widgets for facebook of Total Wireframe has been a significant resource savings in the prototyping of applications for social networking, obtaining also a much more high fidelity than using line elements that provides default Axure. In short, we strongly recommend the libraries of Totalwireframe for its high quality, allowing a return on investment from the first project.

Luz De-León User Experience Consultant | Diga33!

Symbol of a quote You are doing a very good job with a very good focus on usability and customer service. Please keep it up, I'd love to buy some further libraries.

Robert Deecke User Experience Design

Symbol of a quote I use the facebook library. It provides nearly all the standard facebook elements required for wireframing and saves a lot of project time. Überhelpfull and totally worth it!

Benjamin Trogisch Senior Concept Developer

Symbol of a quote I have used the library I bought on your website just for a personal and unique project with Axure. I found the library very simple to use and the result of the project was very good.

Claudio Policastro UX Designer, Brazil

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